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Science is moving faster than medicine. Advances are being made in antiaging, life extension, cellular health, cognitive preservation and other areas of advanced health

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Looking for a 797 Compliance Course For Your IV Vitamin Center?

These courses test your facility’s compliance and offer resources for passing state mandates, including video lessons, PDF downloads and compliance manuals. With other business consulting plans, Shannon will help you set a direction, and provide feedback, tools, guidance, and perspective on your business while advising on compliance.

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Meet the Instructors

Dr. Stephen Petteruti (D.O.)

Dr. Stephen Petteruti has dedicated his time learning the latest advancements in functional medicine, cancer support, bioidentical hormone replacement and medical weight loss. Learn why he is a leader in his field. 

Shannon Petteruti, NP

Shannon Petteruti is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and health expert who has been featured in INC. Magazine, NBC, Thrive Global, PBN News, and Authority Magazine. She is best known for helping her clients live their most abundant lives through overcoming obstacles, finding their path, and reaching their goals.


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This is everything you need to safely run your vitamin infusion center, and to be prepared for the inevitable pharmacy inspections that will be coming your way. Even if you’re administering vitamins in a doctor’s office, you are compounding — USP 797 applies to you (Available in Kindle and Paperback).

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